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Switching Over To Locum Tenens Saved My Career

I was interviewed by Doctor Money Matters a few months ago to discuss locum tenens, financial independence, and attaining personal freedom. I discuss how quitting my full-time job and working exclusively as a locum doctor saved my career. Doctor Money Matters is a great blog/podcast discussing financial matters as it relates to physicians specifically. Below is a link to the podcast:

Welcome to another Doctor Money Matters episode. This episode is about taking control as a physician and learning your value. Many doctors don’t understand their dollar value as practicing physicians. It’s not discussed formally in most training situations and we generally are happy with the increase in salary we get from residency/fellowship to becoming attendings. My guest today Dr. Ali Chaudhary had similar experiences as many of us as he transitioned from training.  However, he decided to do something about and start his own locums company when he realized how much these agencies were making on top of what they were paying him.

In this episode we talk about how he did this, why he did this and how his experience can help other physicians discover their own value. We also discuss the pros and cons of going independent. Whether you are happy with your current employment situation or are itching for a change, being aware of your value will place you in a better position for the future.

We also talk briefly about angel investing and Ali’s experience with it. He is from the Silicon Valley area and so it comes in his DNA. It’s a high risk, high reward type situation that has become more accessible for physicians recently. I’m not recommending it for most of us, but we should be aware of all the investment possibilities out there.



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