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Switching Over To Locum Tenens Saved My Career

I was interviewed by Doctor Money Matters a few months ago to discuss locum tenens, financial independence, and attaining personal freedom. I discuss how quitting my full-time job and working exclusively as a locum doctor saved my career. Doctor Money Matters is a great blog/podcast discussing financial matters as it relates to physicians specifically. Below… Continue reading Switching Over To Locum Tenens Saved My Career


Why Every Physician Should Consider Locums

Of the career options physicians have after graduating from residency, locums is usually not among them. The perception of locums docs is that they are crappy and can't hold a stable job anywhere. That may have been true in the past but is definitely not true today. More and more physicians are choosing locums straight out of residency. Here… Continue reading Why Every Physician Should Consider Locums


Why I Started This Blog

There is a lot of mystery surrounding locum tenens (LT). Most physicians have never worked as a locum and see no real reason to do so. However, I found working as an independent contractor (IC) helped me live a more fulfilling life, both within and outside of medicine. This is my story and the story… Continue reading Why I Started This Blog